BIGSMOKE COPENHAGENThanks to our friends Jan and Itka Vistisen, who kindly invited us to participate, Condega Cigars travels to the capital of Denmark to sponsor, for the first time, the biggest premium cigars smokers, distributors and aficionados meeting. BigSmoke Copenhagen 2018 will gather in its fifth edition more than a hundred enthusiasts to enjoy, not only the best cigars in the international market but also one of the most relevant contests in the industry. There the top premium Nicaraguan brands will be present, an exclusive range Condega is part of.

From 11.00 am to 10.00 pm on Saturday, May 26, attendees will find enjoy a program which will include lunch, snacks and dinner, as well as many activities that will delight the aficionados. Smørrebrød (the Danish national lunch par excellence and the best-known dish of their cuisine),
beer and vodka will be available for Condega Cigars smokers, starting at 12.00 pm, the time reserved for tasting and enjoying our Nicaraguan cigar.

Furthermore, Big Smoke Copenhagen 2018 is one of the international events that hosts the CSWC (Cigar Smoking World Championship), where the contestants will show their abilities to keep their cigars lit for as long as possible. Called slow smokers, they must respect a series of
rules previously stipulated by the direction of the CSWC and, on their way to success, employ various strategies to obtain an advantage over its competitors (for example, give soft puffs).

This unique challenge will finish in September in Croatia, at Marko Bilic’s Club Mareva, where the local winners will participate: Macedonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Vietnam, Germany, Luxembourg, Austria, Croatia, Russia, USA UU (Pasadena, New Orleans,
Miami, Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, New York, Canada, Denmark, Ukraine, Finland, Estonia, Holland, Romania, Italy, Norway, Poland, France, Switzerland, Spain (in Barcelona), United Kingdom, Montenegro and Sweden.

With the slogan Makes Cigar World United, the CSWC celebrates its ninth year with a world record held by Russian Alexander Shagai who, in 2017, managed to keep his cigar lit for 3 hours, 6 minutes and 8 seconds.

Jan Vistisen and Marko Bilik

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