Condega Cigars sneaks into the Top Ten of the top sellers Premium cigars in Spain of all origins and reaches the seventh place as it is deduced from the list recently published by the Spanish tobacco authorities, the institution that publishes the statistics of the tobacco market in the country during 2018. That means that, in three years only, we are now in the same division than the strongest companies in the market, and that we have surpassed prestigious brands that carry much more commercial trajectory than Condega Cigars.

The good news doesn’t stop: Condega Cigars keeps the best-selling Premium Nicaraguan brand, and it is the only brand from Nicaragua that leaks into the Top Ten mentioned above. In terms of value, Condega is ranked number 9 of the 368 brands in the Spanish market.

This exponential growth of the brand, and unprecedented in Spain, necessarily responds to a change in the mentality of Spanish consumers who have much more information about cigar origins, blends and alternative enjoyment experiences.

Currently, within the Premium cigar sector, it is not unnoticed by experts and amateurs that Nicaragua has positioned itself as the finest producer of Premium cigars in the world, and that its cigars achieve year after year the best scores in the international rankings of Best Cigar of the Year. This is just one of the most striking changes in the sector.

In a demanding and competitive market as the Spanish is, Condega Cigars get these scores means a recognition of the work and care that our company has put in the brand: exquisite customer service, meticulous quality controls in all processes, from the reception and logistics to the sales work, with one of the best trained commercial teams in the country. We are sure one of the key factors of the success of Condega is the passion that all workers that participate in Condega Cigars cycle of life in Spain, and for eight months, in the European market with our partners.

In fact, the feedback from customers and sales record of Condega Cigars in Europe make us be positive about the fact that it will soon occupy the same position, if not better, with a loyal community of amateurs and professionals that is growing at a spectacular rate.

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