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Condega Cigars ISRAEL

After five months since Condega Cigars arrived to Israel, we can confirm that the love for Condega Cigars has spread across Israel. Israeli aficionados have been demanding the best premium cigars for their smoking experience for a long time, and now they have a new player in the market that satisfies their palate and saves their money. The Condega’s lines and vitolas available in Israel are: Condega Serie F Titan, Mini Titan, Maduro, Arsenio; and Condega Serie S Robusto.

The new member of Condega’s family in Israel is Joseph Bomze, the owner of Bon D Ltd., a renowned firm of the main luxury brands in the world as Dupont, Visconti, Colibri, Lamborghini, Ziikar, Aurora, True Iotiliti, Oliva, Adorini, Hugo Boss, among others. The fact that Condega Cigars is in its product portfolio is an honour for Condega Cigars, and make us very proud. He started to run his cigar business in 2001 in Tel Aviv, major city and economic centre in Israel.

The first contact with Bomze was at Intertabac, the world’s leading trade fair for tobacco products and smokers’ supplies. His company was already selling other popular Nicaraguan premium cigar brands, and Condega Cigars cathed his eye given its quality and affordable price. But one the main reasons to join Condega Cigar’s partnership was the recommendation of another partner, specifically Thorsten Wolfertz, Condega’s partner in Germany, that is working with the brand since his very beginning.

Bon D Ltd. works with 25 cigar stores in the country and has also a Cigar Lounge. Despite the laws of Israel has a lot of restictions in relation to the tobacco (for example, no photos of cigars in advertisement, health warranty covering 65% of the surface of the box/bundle), the passion of premium cigars can’t be stopped in its growing cigar market. And Condega will be there for the aficionados that seek an exemple of excellence at the best price.


On the right side, Joseph Bomze, owner of Bon D Ltd., enjoying a Condega cigar, along with Run and Michelle.

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