Image of the new website home showing two highlighted sections: above, the one that leads to knowing the brand’s cigars; below, the block that links to further information about the Nicaraguan brand’s origin and history.

The Condega Cigars’ premium cigar brand is excited to announce the launch of its updated website This is the culmination of a year full of novelties that have been satisfying the followers of this Nicaraguan tobacco company. This new website updates the way of relationship with the growing community of Condega Cigars’ aficionados, specially suited to the mobile version that nowadays has become the main digital communication channel. In the words of its CMO Aitor Zapata «we need to anticipate what aficionados will want tomorrow, not today. They respect and remember brands that get with the times. We know that trying new things is at the heart of staying relevant».

Through this new website, Condega Cigars challenges the classical canons of web pages dedicated to premium cigars by adopting its own style closer to the fashion industry, which is always evolving, looking for originality and showing the current era.

The website has been programmed taking into account the viewing surface offered by mobile devices to facilitate user navigation in all its pages, emphasizing the most relevant information that the aficionados tend to search:

  1. Which cigars offers the brand
  2. In which formats
  3. Under which packaging
  4. What flavor and strength value offers each of the lines and their special editions
  5. Types of tobacco leaves used in the manufacture of cigars

Regarding to graphic design, the website highlights the use of a colour palette that is faithful to the brand’s corporate image, where black, red and gold take centre stage, appealing to the elegance and lifestyle of the bon vivant. It should be noted that Condega Cigars is a brand aimed at a young aficionado in this industry, open-minded and willing to try premium tobacco from various origins, but without neglecting the quality / price ratio. This fact has underpinned the brand and led it to the top sellers within its market segment, by far.

serie s condega

Part of the website dedicated to the Condega Cigars S Series, the most premium and exclusive of the brand.

These are the sections of the new website:

  • Cigars, linking to the Serie F and Serie S lines and all the data referring to cigars;
  • About us, the corporate block where you can find more information about the origin and history of the brand;
  • Partners, the section aimed at potential international partners who wish to become part of the Condega Cigars family;
  • News, includin all the news about the Brand: agreements with new partners, events, tastings and new product launches. Notice the possibility of subscription to the Newsletter to be the first one in knowing the last novelties directly with a message received in your mail.

About Condega Cigars

At present, Condega Cigars is available in more than 20 countries around Europe, Africa and Asia. It also has the honor of being the best-selling Nicaraguan premium cigar brand in Spain. It is also the seventh best-selling premium cigar brand in Spain, regardless of origin.

Two years after it launched its internationalization plan, Condega has enjoyed unprecedented sales success in all the countries where it has been introduced, thanks to the affection of aficionados that have received the brand and adopted as one of their favorites.

Partners Map Whole World 2019

Partners Map Whole World 2019.

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