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Aficionados will soon enjoy Condega Cigars at Czech Republic following our recent agreement with Tabacos CZ, managed by Robert Pokorny, as our new partner to spread the best Nicaraguan tobacco flavour worldwide. Both new partners expect to display Condega Cigars in the European country by the beginning of 2020.

This means that Czechs fans of the world’s best premium cigars won’t have to wait much longer to try the newest sensation in the tobacco industry: Condega Cigars have become in the last two years the market surprise and is growing fast in sales and recognition. At the same time, Condega is making marketing efforts to identify new trends that has lead the brand to change its image by designing new boxes and launching new vitolas (Serie S Half Corona tins, for example). All this novelties are drawing very positive attention all around the world and shortly czechs will check it out.

Just a few months of conversations between Tabacos CZ and Gesinta International Tobacco Company (the Condega cigars’ parent company) have brought an excellent commercial agreement beneficial for both parties. Certainly, Tabacos CZ, led by Robert Pokorny from the Czech Republic, will be fundamental to the ongoing success of our tobacco business.


As a distributor of other renowned Nicaraguan brands, Tabacos CZ has become a trusty reference in the tobacco industry and one of the largest distributors in Czech Republic. And when Robert Pokorny had the opportunity to smoke several of our Condega cigars, he was amazed by the tobacco quality, the construction of the cigar, the taste and above all the price-quality ratio. So he had no doubt that Condega Cigars had to be incorporated to his portfolio and the brand brought to be enjoyed by the Czech aficionados. Robert is quite clear: «I especially like Nicaraguan cigars. And I only offer to my customers the quality cigars I can guarantee».

Although the Czech Republic is not a large country, they have a great culture for premium cigars that come from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Ecuador, Mexico, Cuba and other countries. Now Condega Cigars is coming to fullfil the tobacco dreams of the Czech aficionados, for they could experience the unforgettable Nicaraguan taste at the best price for an everyday premium cigar.

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