Condega Cigars debuts in Croatia MAIN

Serie F and Serie S lines of Condega Cigars have been shipped to retails stores in Croatia. Thus, both international series are now available for the Croatian cigar lovers that look for the best tobacco flavour that best fit their budget.

Condega Cigars debuts in Croatia MAIN

This has been possible thanks to our agreement with Legenda Promet, wich operates in the cigar industry since 2000 leaded by Davor Zovko, whose headquarters are nestled in Zagreb, the capital and the largest city of Croatia. The global luxury cigar market in the country has shown a significant increase in recent years, and the aim of Zovko is to fill the portfolio with the most important brands and the finest cigars, such as Condega Cigars. Now, he’s convinced the croatian aficionados will have another must in their humidors, obtaining a high quality cigar at the best price.

One of the cigar VIPs in Croatia is Marko Bili?, owner of Cigar Club Mareva in Split, best known for being the home of the Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC). He has always shown an enthusiastic support to Condega Cigars and claims that «today’s cigar world is richer than ever with such a huge variety of cigars and so many brands that it’s easy to find satisfaction in the taste of your choice».

Condega Cigars Cigar-Club-Mareva

Although the Balkan countries as Croatia are small in terms of population, for cigar companies, every market is important. And for Condega Cigars, every aficionado should have the opportunity to acquire a good cigar wherever he/she lives. And there we go to deliver!


Smoking in Croatia is legally permitted, with certain restrictions. Smoking is banned in all enclosed public spaces, with the exception of psychiatric wards and designated smoking rooms. All direct or indirect advertisement of tobacco or smoking is banned as well. All tobacco product packaging must, by law, display health warnings.

Where you can smoke

  • In Croatia, you can smoke in almost every bar and night club.
  • You can smoke on the street, in your house, in almost any public place that’s not indoors.
  • Generally, you can smoke pretty much anywhere you’d go for coffee during the day or a nice night out.

Where you can’t smoke

  • You can’t smoke in restaurants except in some rare cases where you’re sitting on restaurant’s terrace.
  • You can’t smoke in any government institution.
  • You can’t smoke on your workplace.
  • You can’t smoke in public transport.
  • You can’t smoke in most hotel rooms.

Basically, you can’t smoke in any place indoor that doesn’t have the necessary ventilation system and is not a registered bar or night club or similar.

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