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Condega Cigars is now making their products available throughout Thailand thanks to an agreement signed with Cigar Emperor, the leading cigar importer and distributor in Thailand with the largest selection of cigar brands and accessories. This great deal will allow aficionados easily find in the Asian country all vitolas from Serie S: Half Corona, Short Robusto, Robusto, and Magnum 52. And they can also buy the following vitolas from Serie F line: Arsenio, Gran Titan, Maduro, Mareva, Mini Titan, Perla, and Lancero. This is another step towards the expansion of the Condega Cigars brand in the world market.

With 20 years playing in the Thailand premium cigar market, Cigar Emperor hasn’t missed the opportunity to join the Condega World as a full partner. The company, founded by Matthew Nekvapil to share his love and passion for exquisite cigars to his friends, has always been looking for quality over anything else combined with flawless customer service. In his own words, «Cigar Emperor entered to the cigar distribution business when I realized that I had too many cigars and started selling them, and then it became a successful global business!». After long time smoking mostly Cubans, «I opened up myself to New World cigars around and thank goodness I did!».

Matthew met Condega Cigars at Intertabac 2017 and was impressed after trying one of their cigars. After three years, a phone call with Sasja Van Horssen, the Condega Cigar’s partner in the Netherlands, Matthew is setting off on a trip with Condega Cigars’ bet. And he is sure to win. One of the things that liked Matthew most about Condega Cigars is the relationship wiht their team. «The people from Condega are very friendly and do their best to help, which is great and much needed».


Matthew Nekvapil has been smoking only cigars for more than 21 years, and has traveled the world to far away and distant places to sample the finest tobacco grown on this earth.

In Thailand, the Cuban market is quite established so Cigar Emperor focus on New World cigars. Some famous brands they carry are from Nicaragua, Dominican Republic and Honduras, and they are working on more which requires considerable time and investment to import and distribute into Thailand.

There are many Cigar Lounges in Thailand, especially in Bangkok, but also in Phuket and Pattaya – which are the main places people go to. Most of the cigar shops have a walk-in humidor which is good news for the cigar premium aficionados. Cigar Emperor is working hard to open its own lounge soon, as well. Due to online selling of cigars is illegal in thailand, they work with almost 20 tobacconists in a very close relationship, similar to Spain. If you are in Thailand and you are looking for Condega Cigars, please contact Cigar Emperor by email:

It is sure that Condega Cigars is coming to Thailand with the best partner and soon will become a must in the heart and the humidor of the Thai premium cigar lovers. Enjoy!

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