The most explosive novelty in premium cigars for this 2018 is brought to us by the Condega S Serie Momotombo Volcanos Special Edition, name that has been given to this unique 100% Nicaraguan tobacco league with filler, binder and wrapper Aganorsa, which stands out for an intense flavor that explodes grandly and richly in the mouth of the smoker.

Among its main features is its excellent combustion, uniform and even throughout the smoke, resulting in a grey, consistent and firm ash. Above all, an intense aroma of tobacco and wet earth accompanies the evolution of its strength from medium to medium / strong.

With each puff, we find notes of creaminess, caramel and a touch of black liquorice, wisely mixed leather, earth and slightly bitter spices touch. The Corojo wrapper, silky and bright, which characterizes the Condega Momotombo cigar, is so unusual that it is honeycoloured with a scent of cedar, vanilla and fresh grass, and the foot offers powerful aromas hidden behind sweet essences.

The complex flavours and transitions between thirds of Condega Momotombo are the strengths of the new line of Condega Cigars. The first third offers a sophisticated profile of cedar, cream, brown sugar and even some fresh grass. After the first minutes, the pepper appears, first stopping at the back of the throat, and then dominating the aftertaste. After a few puffs later, the pepper gives way to more components of brown sugar, cream and cedar, giving the whole an exquisite balance of sweet and spicy flavours.

In the second third, the cream pleasantly remains, satisfying the smoker and attenuating the flavours that, otherwise, would be too powerful to assimilate by themselves. There the spices jump in the scene, complemented by tasty notes of grilled meat, paprika, cloves and even a pinch of cinnamon. We must point out here that not all cigars have a well-defined transition from the first to the second third and it is always a pleasure to enjoy those who do like the Condega Momotombo. At the exact midpoint of the cigar, we’ll find honey and pepper, as in one of those films that combine sadness and joy in an extraordinary way.

The last third of the cigar begins with notes of sugar cane, coffee, oak and gingerbread. The profile is not as creamy as before, which allows the rest of the flavours to have complete control over the experience. The gingerbread notes are a particularly exceptional innovation to the Condega Momotombo profile. The pepper seems to have diminished in the last third, while the sweet and salty notes appear, accompanied by hazelnut and chocolate.

Condega Momotombo cigars can be purchased in Mini Titan (4×60), Titan (6×60), Robusto (5×52) and Magnum 52 (6×52) vitolas. They are all presented in matte black boxes of 20 cigars, except Titan, which is presented in boxes of 10.

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