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Cross another one country of the world off the yet-to-arrive list, as Condega Cigars has the pleasure to announce that our premium cigars brand has finally landed in Portugal. Condega Cigars is reaching cigar shops to be the new Portuguese cigar lovers choice, as we know they have been waiting for that time to come. The first Condega’s lines and vitolas that will be available in Portugal are: Condega Serie F Titan, Mini Titan, Maduro & Arsenio; and Condega Serie S Short Robusto & Half Corona.

The exclusive partner in Portugal for Condega Cigars is CigarWorld LDA, whose main feature consists on the variety and quality of tobacco products wtih high competitive prices. The company has a wide stock, with over seven hundred of premium cigars references from the main cigar producer’s countries: Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Honduras. From now on Condega Cigars will join the nearly 24 premium tobacco brands that the company sells all over the country with the purpose of becoming the focus point for the Portugues cigar lovers and tickling the palate of even the greatest of cigar connoisseurs. To do so, Condega has developed for their F and S lines the flavours and the quality needed to satisfy an ever-growing and increasingly demanding premium cigars market, providing a one-of-a-kind experience at the best price.

Pedro Cunha Martins, the owner of CigarWorld LDA, found the cigar company in 1998. In his own words, since then, «we are proud to have satisfied thousands of customers. CigarWorld strives to offer the best cigars from the best international producers, with the best quality conditions. The aim of our company is to provide an assortment of vitolas for premium cigar lovers, both men and women, ranging in aroma, strength, gauge and flavor that can please each and every aficionado».

CigarWorld LDA works with 11 cigar stores in the country and also has its own cigar luxury shops in Lisboa, Gaia and Porto, where they offer cigars and smoking accesories. In Portugal, tobacco is one of the products which carries more special taxes and the one which holds the highest tax burden, but despite of this fact, they still can operate with very competitive prices.


Cigar shop located in Porto: NorteShopping, Galleria Loja KMP2.

Now imagine listening to a fado song while enjoying your favorite Condega Cigar, not only for pleasure but also to connect with the important things of life.

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