Condega’s International Marketing and Sales Manager, Aitor Zapata, has been in Amman, the capital and most populous city of Jordan, to attend a Condega’s event organised by our partner in the Middle East, Hani M. Murad. The 5-Star Luxury Four Seasons Hotel Amman was the place to be to enjoy the best of the Nicaraguan tobacco that goes hand in hand with Condega Cigars.

After more than a year working hard to introduce Condega Cigars throughout Jordan, Hani Murad and his company Al-Ibtikar (a word that means innovation in English), have become a must for the aficionados that look for high quality premium cigars and don’t want to feed the dangerous and illegal counterfeit market. Cigar aficionados joined this Condega event that took place at SIRR Bar, a speakeasy hideaway bedecked in dark-wood paneling and rich leather seating that belongs to The Four Seasons Hotel, that has been designed specially for meetings where handrolled cigars and spirits are the kings. Among these premium cigar lovers with whom Aitor Zapata shared good smokes, were Carlo Stragiotto, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel, and Maxime Salembie, General Manager of La Capitale Brasserie & SIRR Bar.

Above this lines, Mario Appiani Junior, Aitor Zapata and Hani Murad.

Above this lines, Mario Appiani Junior, Aitor Zapata and Hani Murad.

All of them were privileged to taste the amazing pairing of Condega Cigars and Chateau Haut-Madrac – Haut-Médoc 2010, a splendid wine introduced by the Brand Ambassador, Mario Appiani Junior. The chosen cigars for this occasion were Condega Serie F Mini Titan, Magnum 52, Pirámides and Arsenio Edición Especial.

While the guests were trying this cigar-wine pairing, Aitor Zapata explained how cigars, like the fine wine, are complex and full of variety. His speech referred to the consistent and perfect smoking experience that Condega Cigars brings thanks to its exceptional quality controls and meticulously handcrafted in all processes: planting, harvesting, curing, fermenting, aging and rolling. Condega cigars’ high quality and their affordable price have positioned the brand between the most demanded cigars in the Jordanian market.


All cigar lovers in Jordan can buy Condega Cigars online through Al-Ibtikar (online shop) with same day deliveries. It is also possible to find Condega Cigars in tobacco shops among the country, as well as in the Duty Free Stores at Queen Alia International Airport (both in arrivals and departures), restaurants like La Capitale, SIRR, Romero, District Urban Rooftop, and major hotels throughout Amman (such as The Four Seasons, Rotana…). Furthermore, Condega Cigars will be soon available in local market Duty Free Shops & other major hotels.



Condega Cigars is very proud of being in the Austrian market by the hand of House of Smoke, one of the most prestigious tobacco distribution companies in the European country. Its founder and president, Rainer Gunz, has been supporting Condega since the beginning of our international expansion started in 2017, and there is no doubt that the sales result of the cigar in Austria reflects the excellent reception not only among tobacconists, but also aficionados.

Furthermore, Condega brand is avaliable at one of the biggest Austrian Cigar Lounge owned by the recognised tobacconist Ercan Hazar, the one that appears in the picture above between Robert Jelinek (House of Smoke) and Agustin Misson (Condega Cigars).

That’s one of the reasons for visiting our partner in Vienna last week for a cigar tour around one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. The other one and more important, as our Brand Ambassador, Agustin Misson, says is that «Rainer and his team are excellent people and so professional that always give us an exquisite treatment».

During the visit to various cigar stores and cigar lounges – in Austria they are few and very exclusive – Misson could ascertain the magnificent growing of Condega Cigars in the market, and that our brand keeps on rising in popularity for both Condega lines that are established in the country (Condega Serie F and Condega Serie S, including the brand-new vitola Condega Serie S Half Corona), as well as with the other brands managed by Gesinta Invest Company: Umnum Nicaragua and Kraken (Lunáticos, Míticos and Fanáticos).

Condega is present nowadays in most of Austrian tobacco shops. As you can see in the pictures, this time we visited Mrs Nancy Friedenthal’s shop, and meet her daughter Ingrid (in the picture below this lines with Agustin Misson). This Austrian family runs a beautiful cigar store located in one of the most important Viena’s train stations.

And we also meet Erich Matzinger, a well knowed tobacconist (below this lines with Agustin Misson) with a long history of engagement with the premium cigar lovers and the world of tobacco.


Looking ahead, Condega Cigars is developing a new agenda for 2020 in order to visit more Austrian cigar stores where we know the brand is very well positioned. In our plans, we are envisaging to celebrate a Condega’s event in Viena with aficionados. If you want to be the first to know the details, you can now subscribe to our Newsletter. Stay tuned and don’t miss all news on the web and social networks!



Condega Cigars showed off at the Slovak market the new Condega Serie S Half Corona at an exclusive event that took place last week in Bratislava, Slovakia. Miroslav Bajtos and his son Maros, from the tobacco company My&Mi, were the local hosts that brought a hundred of participants to have a very good time at the beautiful capital. Our Brand Ambassador Agustin Misson was the responsible to introduce the Condega Cigar brand. The aficionados could enjoy not only the brand-new Half Corona, but also Condega Serie F MaduroCondega Serie F Arsenio Edición Especial, Condega Serie F Robusto, and Condega Serie S Magnum.

Everyone was very impressed by the high quality/price ratio of the premium Condega Cigars. After enjoying from afternoon to night the best tasting of Nicaraguan cigars, the aficionados congratulate Agustin Misson and the Slovak partners for the great night.

Neither Miroslav nor Maros had seen in their professional career as many cigars sold in just one evening, and it was a hit for them and, obviously, for Condega brand. In addition, some raffles of cigars, lighters and cigar cutters brightened a very special meeting with the lovers of the Condega’s smoke.



Condega Cigars is available in Slovakia for more than a year thanks to the partnership of Condega with the company My&Mi, headed by Miroslav Bajtos and his son Maros, some of the most relevant figures in the premium cigar industry. After all this time, Condega has been introduced in the best Slovak cigar stores all over the country and conquered the most demanding palates. In the same way, Maros said that «I’ve never seen such a fast growing in a premium cigar brand in our market».

Nowadays, Condega is growing by leaps and bounds due to the support of our community of fans that have found in Condega Cigars the perfect everyday cigar they can afford and enjoy at the same time. Join us now!

Condega arrives in Angola

Condega Luanda-Angola

Condega Cigars keeps growing and captivating new cigar markets worldwide. On this occasion, the Nicaraguan premium cigars’ brand will be soon available in Angola, after the agreement signed between GESINTA International Tobacco Company (the Condega’s parent company) and two Angolan companies: Men’s Emporium Cigar Shop and Nelanio Mangueira Cigar Consulting Services. The new partners expect to display Condega’s sticks by early August 2019.

In the first stage, the cigars available in the tobacconist shops will be Condega Serie F Mini Titan. After a while, new sizes and lines will come out. Within this partnership, it will be possible to bring the other brands from the portfolio of GESINTA, such as Kraken, Raza, Don José, Anonimous and Ummum. Both partners are investing mainly in the Condega brand for being the most well-known of the GESINTA portfolio, and due to its high quality and awesome price range.

Men’s Emporium and Nelanio Mangueira are the main Angolan cigar distributors. Their portfolio includes some of the best cigar premium brands carefully selected for satisfying the quality demands of the Angolan community. Men’s Emporium Cigar Shop is located in Luanda, the Angolan capital city, where the aficionados could find Condega Cigars as well as across the rest of the shops all over the country.

The Angolan companies also distribute cigars to restaurants, bars, hotels and other resellers. Their expert sales personnel are well acquainted with the national cigar market and men’s accessories.

Men’s Emporium is the dream come true for its CEO, Ermen Soares, a big aficionado and cigar premium lover. In his own words, «as an import company, we are interested in distributing top quality brands at a good price. And Condega Cigars meets both characteristics».

As well as with the rest of the partners, Men’s Emporium and Neliano Mangueira have been added to the alliance WEFA (Water, Earth, Fire, Air), the international agreement between top global tobacco distributors whose main benefit is the exclusive distribution of some of the top premium cigars brands to an unbeatable price in its segment, in the territory of each partner. The new agreement will extend Condega’s strategic internationalization in Africa and will create lasting value for the alliance.

It is clear that Condega has become the brand to trust for more and more aficionados all over the world. Recently, the brand launched a new design for boxes containing the Serie F line and two new sizes, Mareva and Lancero. However, that’s not all. In the next few weeks, Condega Cigars will present new proposals.

The Angolan premium cigar market

It is said that when the other African nations saw what God had given Angola, they protested. Angola is a country that is nevertheless rich in natural resources, including precious gems, metals, and petroleum; indeed, it ranks among the highest of the oil-producing countries in sub-Saharan Africa. Furthermore, one of its main industries has to do with tobacco products.

The capital city of Angola, Luanda, is a large port city on the northern coast that blends Portuguese-style colonial landmarks with traditional African housing styles and modern industrial complexes. It’s the most important commercial hub in the country, and where the premium tobacco culture is more widespread.

In connection with the tobacco industry, premium cigars from all origins have been introduced in the country for the past 15 years, and now the Angolan aficionados can easily find the bestseller brands from Nicaragua, República Dominicana, Honduras Costa Rica, Brasil, Cuba and EE. UU. From now on, Condega can be the best option for filling the humidors of the country and, especially, for smoking a quality cigar premium experience.

Condega Serie F unveils a new look in all its boxes

Condega Cigars has just launched a new design specially designed for boxes containing the Serie F line that responds to the evolution of its image, that has been a constant since 2015. The main purpose of this new change is to provide the complete line, in all its vitolas, with a fresh and cool look. Above all, this new image is in line with the current trends of an increasingly younger public that expects a Premium product with an excellent quality/price ratio. In this sense, Condega is able to adapt to the new demands and, at the same time, follows the best tobacco tradition of craft cigars.

In the new design concept, Condega’s boxes display the brand’s logo in a larger size than usual, placing it as the most important point within the packaging as a whole. The boxes are made with Spanish cedar wood, in black serigraphy and with a touch of transparent varnish in a caramel tone. Only the Condega Maduro cigar box is different: presented in black with a golden impression of the brand and the rest of the information alluding to the cigar it contains.

This new community of aficionados will feel totally identified with the image presented by Condega’s new box design, as well as with the new Condega Arsenio Edición Especial secondary band that now claims «Edición Especial», but the cigar maintains the same blend as the previous «Edición Limitada». The acclaimed master blender, Arsenio Ramos, created this cigar with the idea that it would be a limited edition, but the unstoppable demand for this cigar, which has already become an essential part of the best tobacco shops, has made this blend to be continued to delight its followers with the same excellent flavour. The only change for Condega Arsenio is that now it comes with a more elegant band, dressed in black and gold and with the text «Edición Limitada», that from now on will remain in Condega’s catalogue forever, and not temporarily as is usually the case with limited editions. As good tobacconists, although the image is updated, the blend maintains its consistency in flavour and aroma.



The replacement of Condega’s boxes will happen over the next few months when the tobacconists will be receiving this variety of vitolas with their corresponding boxes:

  • Arsenio Edición Especial: Size: 5 ½ inches. Ring gauge: 52. Boxes of 10 cigars.


  • Juanito: Size: 4 ½ inches. Ring Gauge: 46. Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Maduro: Size: 5 inches. Ring gauge: 50. Boxes of 10 cigars.


  • Magnum 52: Size 6 ½ inches. Ring gauge: 52. Boxes of 10 cigars and Cabinet Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Mini Robusto: Size: 4 ½ inches. Ring gauge: 50. Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Mini Titan: Size: 4 ½ inches. Ring gauge: 60. Boxes of 10 cigars.


  • Pirámide: Size 6 ¼ inches. Ring gauge: 52. Boxes of 10 cigars and Cabinet Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Perla: Size: 4 inches. Ring gauge: 40. Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Robusto: Size: 5 ½ inches. Ring gauge: 52. Boxes of 25 cigars.


  • Titan: Size: 6 inches. Ring gauge: 60. Boxes of 10 cigars.


  • ¡NEW CIGAR! Lancero: Size: 7 inches. Ring gauge: 40. Boxes of 10 cigars.


  • ¡NEW CIGAR! Mareva: Size: 5 inches. Ring gauge: 42. Boxes of 12 cigars.


Condega, Bienvenue en France!

Condega France

The aficionados from France were looking forward to this novelty: Condega Cigars will be on sale in France by summer 2019 after the agreement signed with the company Eurotab for the distribution of premium cigars throughout the French territory. In the first stage, the cigars available in the tobacconist shops will be Condega Serie F Robusto and Condega Serie F Titan. After a while, new sizes will come out.

The meeting with Sandro Stroili, CEO of Eurotab that has worked for over 25 years in the tobacco market, has also been useful for the adhesion of the company to the alliance WEFA (Water, Earth, Fire, Air), the international agreement between top global tobacco distributors whose main benefit is the exclusive distribution of some of the top premium cigars brands to an unbeatable price in its segment, in the territory of each partner.

Sandro Stoili, responsable de la société EuroTab, importateur de cigares atypiques en France.

Sandro Stoili, CEO of EuroTab.

The French tobacco market shares with the Spanish not only border, but also the taste for good cigars and a large community of aficionados, so the arrival of Condega promises a good welcome. In Spain, Condega has been positioned for years as the first Nicaraguan brand of premium cigars in sales, so France could become another success. This will undoubtedly be helped by the entry of a cigar with an unbeatable quality/price ratio in a country like France, where many consider cigars to be a luxury purchase due to the high cost of acquiring them.

In Stroili’s own words, “it is undeniable the excellent international response to Condega Cigars and the success achieved by the brand among distributors and aficionados in all the countries where it’s on sale; and a country like France, with a long and great tobacco tradition, could not miss the boat in the future of the premium cigars”. Nor will he miss the opportunity to introduce the brand, during this year and next, in several events and tastings that he plans to organize in locations as Saint Tropez, the jewel of the French Riviera. This is one of the favourite places for aficionados of the best premium cigars and, in general, the bon vivant.

In addition, the proximity of borders between France and Spain has made it easier to know the benefits of the brand of reference in Spain, and many French consumers, especially in the south of the country, had already tested it on their trips to the Peninsula. Thanks to this agreement with Eurotab, Condega will soon be closer to their homes and they will be able to enjoy it on many more occasions.

Condega triumphs at Intertabac 2018

Condega team

After a year of intense promotional work throughout Europe, the Nicaraguan cigar brand Condega has returned from the Intertabac 2018 fair trade, held on 21st, 22nd and 23rd of September in Dortmund (Germany), with an absolute success in its union with distributors and aficionados of the international cigar industry.

The best of the cigar business met in the must-attend annual meeting where Condega attended for the first time in its history and did it in two different spaces: with a spot at the stand of the prestigious German distributor, Wolfterz GMBH booth; and in its own booth as part of the brands owned by Gesinta International Tobacco Company, responsible for its manufacture and international distribution.

Present in Germany, Austria, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Slovakia, Spain, Estonia, Finland, Holland, Jordan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Sweden and Switzerland, the Nicaraguan premium cigar brand Condega has conquered the palates more demanding, endorsing the flag of excellent quality at an unbeatable price.

Its introduction at Intertabac predicts many more successes in the future, as new countries have shown interest to join the WEFA alliance (Water, Earth, Fire, Air), a macro-agreement that Gesinta promotes among first-class tobacco distributors whose main benefit for members is the exclusive entry into its territory of some of the major brands of premium cigars at a price that satisfies equal parts wholesale partners, tobacconists and aficionados. Among them, Polonia, Macedonia, Malta, Israel, Malasia, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Macao, France, United Kingdom, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Japan.

To offer the best cigar at the best price is the main purpose of the WEFA alliance: a group of partners involved professionally and personally in a pioneering project of which are already part of major companies in the sector in Europe and the Middle East.

Condega has come to Intertabac supported by an unprecedented sales success because there are already thousands of cigars sold internationally, and it has been the first cigar brand that Gesinta has chosen to begin its international project.

However, Gesinta has also taken advantage of Intertabac to introduce the new brands that has developed to satisfy the tastes and economy of smokers segments that were not covered yet, which are: Umnun (tobacco from Nicaragua and Honduras), Kraken (binder and filler from Nicaragua and Indonesian wrapper), Raza (tobacco from Honduras and Nicaragua) and Don Jose (100% Nicaragua). All these brands arrived with the blessing of the Spanish market that has welcomed them into their catalogue of favourite cigar brands, surprising both tobacconists and aficionados for their unbeatable quality/price ratio. In fact, after the show, both Umnum and Kraken go on the international market: the first road to Switzerland and the Netherlands, and the second one starting to conquer the markets of Switzerland and Austria.

About Gesinta International Tobacco Company

Gesinta international Tobacco Company is a Spanish company focus on the manufacturing, importing, marketing and distributing of tobacco with more than 23 years of experience in the industry.

Founded in 1997 by Ramón Zapata, Gesinta is the first Spanish cigar company and the fifth in the general ranking just behind four multinationals. Throughout its career, Gesinta has been a pioneer in the Spanish market, developing unique and innovative projects in the tobacco industry, while participating in different segments (cigarettes, cigars, RYO, MYO, pipe tobacco, etc.) with great success in each one of them.

Gesinta has designed and marketed several brands in Spain that have grown exponentially thanks to the quality of their products, their image and a highly competitive price. In fact, the company’s flagship brand, Condega, has been Nicaraguan best selling brand within the premium segment; and in 2018 it has climbed to the Top Ten, regardless of its origin.

The first results of the Gesinta international project show that the success of premium cigar brands in the Spanish market reproduces with the same or more intensity in the rest of the countries that have opted for their incorporation.

See you at Intertabac 2019!

Condega signs three new international alliances

Quality at a good price, the main characteristic of premium Condega cigars, is the business card that let us continue crossing European borders. Now again, the countries that have succumbed to the charms of the Nicaraguan brand have been Bulgaria, Slovakia and Sweden, where our Brand Ambassador, David González, has managed to sign new distribution agreements with national wholesalers.

The fact is that consumers, distributors and tobacconists from the countries where Condega has consolidated its presence have spread the word about the benefits of a brand positioned as the most competitive in terms of quality/price ratio.

And it’s not only our own word: many cigar reviewers and aficionados from the countries where we already operate say so. We can only say you are all welcome!

Bulgaria was the first stop on this trip in which we met with our new partners Ivaylo Milenov and Pavel Angelov, from the company Transimport, a distributor that has been serving the best cigar brands since 2000. The Bulgarian market, and well as the Eastern Europe countries, is characterized by being fond of Nicaraguan tobacco, and in the case of Bulgaria, the customer’s choice is big sticks.

The agreement was marked by a surprising anecdote: Ivaylo Milenov recently travelled to Spain where, for the first time, had the opportunity to try a Condega cigar. The quality of the stick fascinated him in our country, and this alliance corroborates his enthusiasm. The agreement with Transimport also included Don Jose cigars, which will land in Bulgaria in the second half of August.

From left to right, Ivaylo Milenov, David González and Pavel Angelov.

From left to right, Ivaylo Milenov, David González and Pavel Angelov.

In Slovakia, the always hospitable Miroslav Bajtos and his son Maros, from My & mi, welcomed us into his offices in Bratislava. Bajtos is one of the most relevant figures in the premium cigar industry in Europe, and he didn’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in this alliance.

Finally, My & Mi will introduce Condega in the best Slovak tobacco shops, which will allow, on the one hand, fulfil the customer’s exigencies, and, on the other, that Spanish visitors can enjoy now their favourite brand.

From left to right, David González, Maros Bajtos and Miroslav Bajtos.

From left to right, David González, Maros Bajtos and Miroslav Bajtos.

Finally, our collaboration with Sweden will come hand in hand with the influential distributor Globaltrade, masterfully led by Srecko Pavicevic. It should be noted that 40% of the cigars sold in Sweden are of Nicaraguan origin, a source that is at the forefront of fan preferences in a country where 8 million premium cigars are consumed per year.

For the selection of Condega within the portfolio, we took into account the verdict of ten expert smokers and connoisseurs, who were invited by Pavicevic to a blind tasting. The result: 100% recommendation both in quality and competitiveness. Don’t forget that the Swedish aficionados are mostly very informed and open-minded young people, determined to try new origins and formats.

From left to right, Srecko Pavicevic, Gothenburg tobacconist and David Gonzalez.

From left to right, Srecko Pavicevic, Gothenburg tobacconist and David Gonzalez.


The three agreements signed respond to the strategy of Condega to offer, within the premium cigar sector, a quality alternative at an unbeatable price. Because enjoying a good tobacco does not have to be expensive.

Cover photo: Klaus Hruby, director and editor of Der Blaue Dunst.

Condega reaches the Seventh Heaven

Condega sneaks into the Top Ten of the top sellers Premium cigars in Spain of all origins and reaches the seventh place as it is deduced from the list recently published by the Spanish tobacco authorities, the institution that publishes the statistics of the tobacco market in the country during 2018. That means that, in three years only, we are now in the same division than the strongest companies in the market, and that we have surpassed prestigious brands that carry much more commercial trajectory than Condega.

The good news doesn’t stop: Condega keeps the best-selling Premium Nicaraguan brand, and it is the only brand from Nicaragua that leaks into the Top Ten mentioned above. In terms of value, Condega is ranked number 9 of the 368 brands in the Spanish market.

This exponential growth of the brand, and unprecedented in Spain, necessarily responds to a change in the mentality of Spanish consumers who have much more information about cigar origins, blends and alternative enjoyment experiences.

Currently, within the Premium cigar sector, it is not unnoticed by experts and amateurs that Nicaragua has positioned itself as the finest producer of Premium cigars in the world, and that its cigars achieve year after year the best scores in the international rankings of Best Cigar of the Year. This is just one of the most striking changes in the sector.

In a demanding and competitive market as the Spanish is, Condega get these scores means a recognition of the work and care that our company has put in the brand: exquisite customer service, meticulous quality controls in all processes, from the reception and logistics to the sales work, with one of the best trained commercial teams in the country. We are sure one of the key factors of the success of Condega is the passion that all workers that participate in Condega cycle of life in Spain, and for eight months, in the European market with our partners.

In fact, the feedback from customers and sales record of Condega in Europe make us be positive about the fact that it will soon occupy the same position, if not better, with a loyal community of amateurs and professionals that is growing at a spectacular rate.