The Lords of The North Choose Condega (III)


Less than a week ago the Austrian Parliament approved to withdraw the ban of tobacco consumption in all restaurants (bars and restaurants), a regulation that was scheduled to take effect on May 1. That implies that, at the moment, small establishments still have the final say in allowing smoking or not, while the larger ones will be required to have two Separate areas for smokers and non-smokers.

Undoubtedly, this is very good news for cigar lovers and for Condega given that, during our last visit to the Vienna Cigar Fair, we got, from the renowned Austrian distributor Rainer Gunz (House of Smoke), congratulations for the tremendous success that the Nicaraguan brand is having in the Alpine country. Good news for cigar lovers that the brand Don Jose will be available for tobacconists after a tasting where Mr Gunz, already in the middle of the smoke, affirmed: “Yes, I’m sure people here will appreciate very much Don José, we want this cigar in Austria».


Condega takes Switzerland by storm 

Cigar experts are well aware of the centennial trajectory of Wellauer, a Swiss company well directed by Peter Rohner, who is responsible for the distribution of Condega in the small, but strong European country. Rohner is an institution within the country, and Wellauer a legend in the world of tobacco in Switzerland. No doubts about their knowledge of the Swiss market, so we were all sure about the success of the brand. And it happened: in just one week in the market, the stock got done.

And, after our last meeting and tasting with Rohner, the bet was also to start with the Don Jose’s distribution in Switzerland, so we can only say one thing: place your bets, gentlemen.


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