The Lords of The North Choose Condega (II)

Condega Serie ‘S’ Tubes

It is always a pleasure to visit Riga, the beautiful capital of Latvia, especially knowing that we’ll receive the always charming welcome of Jakov Strukovskis and Eva Borishenko, member of the board and area manager of Tabakas Nams Grupa, respectively. With them, and just four months ago, we started to test the market with Don Jose, whose acceptance from smokers has been spectacular. In fact, Jakovs Strucovskis assured us on our last visit that “I’m sure that, in a few months Don Jose will become the best-selling short filler cigar in Latvia”.

This impressive start for Don Jose in a country where Nicaraguan brands are well known and highly valued, has endorsed the alliance with Tabakas Nams Grupa, so in May Condega will be available in Latvian tobacco stores to be extended and, it will be from May when Condega will be available in most of the tobacco shops in the country.

Lithuania, in the spotlight

Condega continues to conquer the North of Europe, so Lithuania was a mandatory stop on our trip, in order to explore possible collaborations. There, our esteemed Shaan Shahrukh Dhanjim, director of the prestigious cigar company Cigar Bank, awaited us, with whom we were lucky to know the opportunities of the Lithuanian market and the preferences of the country’s smokers.

Together we visited Cigar House, probably one of the finest cigar lounges in Europe, in the opinion of renowned experts. For cigar lovers, like us, we are positive when saying that we need more places like this one in Europe.

The reception of Condega in Cigar House was fantastic and had a unanimous verdict of unbeatable quality / price ratio, which corroborates once again that there is nothing like Condega in the Premium cigar market.

Next station: Austria and Switzerland.

From left to right: David Gonzalez and Shaan Shahrukh Dhanji

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