The Lords of The North Choose Condega (I)

We are pleased to see how Condega Cigars is acquiring enormous credit and notoriety among smokers in northern Europe while it continues growing and spreading their good reputation among the most experienced smokers. After our last tour around Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland and Austria, the results of the European introduction of the Nicaraguan Condega cigar brand are spectacular. All this has accelerated the commitment and confidence of European distributors with the brand, so that, during recent meetings, they have decided to incorporate new brands into their portfolios, like Don Jose.

Estonia and Finland fall in love with Condega Momotombo

«I want to take three boxes of Momotombo now, is it possible?». So enthusiastic was our partner in Tallin, Lasse Öhman, when he tried the new line of Condega – Volcanes Special Edition: Momotombo – which has just landed in Spain and is now heading to Europe. The Happy Cigars distributor brought experts from Estonia, Finland and Russia, including the president of the Helsinki Smokers Club, at his Cigar Lounge in the capital, to participate in the pilot tasting of this latest line from Condega that continues in the premium cigar line of excellence.

On the left, David González, Export Manager of Condega, with Lasse Öhman, CEO of Happy Cigars in Estonia, during the tasting.

Likewise, our Export Manager, David González, invited the attendees to a blind tasting in order to validate the suitability of introducing a new quality brand in their market. The result has been desired by all, and the Don José cigars will soon fill the cigar shops of Estonia and Finland. Its softness, creaminess and an unbeatable price were the arguments that won the hearts of our audience.

Marko Bilik presents Club Mareva Tallín

Taking advantage of our short, but productive stay in Estonia, we did not want to miss the inauguration of the Club Mareva Tallín, clearly one of the most important events for our sector in the country, and led by the well-known and renowned Marko Bilik, a reference in the organization of events related to the world of cigars. The new store maintains the concept of its original namesake in Split (Croatia), based on the combination of an ultra-luxury store, aimed at modern men, with the cosy atmosphere of a Whiskey Bar and a Cigar Lounge. A magnificent initiative that combines elegance, and a strong know-how about enjoying good tobacco and pairing it with the best cocktails.

From left to right, David González. Marko Bilik, Martina Kleinlagel and their son Patrick, during the inauguration of Club Mareva Tallin.

As we could verify during our stay in this club, in the countries of Northern Europe cigars are appreciated with a lot of body and strength, and the spiciest are highly valued, such as the new line Condega Special Edition Volcanes Momotombo. We all predict a future of success for this new blend.

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