Condega’s International Marketing and Sales Manager, Aitor Zapata, has been in Amman, the capital and most populous city of Jordan, to attend a Condega’s event organised by our partner in the Middle East, Hani M. Murad. The 5-Star Luxury Four Seasons Hotel Amman was the place to be to enjoy the best of the Nicaraguan tobacco that goes hand in hand with Condega Cigars.

After more than a year working hard to introduce Condega Cigars throughout Jordan, Hani Murad and his company Al-Ibtikar (a word that means innovation in English), have become a must for the aficionados that look for high quality premium cigars and don’t want to feed the dangerous and illegal counterfeit market. Cigar aficionados joined this Condega event that took place at SIRR Bar, a speakeasy hideaway bedecked in dark-wood paneling and rich leather seating that belongs to The Four Seasons Hotel, that has been designed specially for meetings where handrolled cigars and spirits are the kings. Among these premium cigar lovers with whom Aitor Zapata shared good smokes, were Carlo Stragiotto, General Manager of Four Seasons Hotel, and Maxime Salembie, General Manager of La Capitale Brasserie & SIRR Bar.

Above this lines, Mario Appiani Junior, Aitor Zapata and Hani Murad.

Above this lines, Mario Appiani Junior, Aitor Zapata and Hani Murad.

All of them were privileged to taste the amazing pairing of Condega Cigars and Chateau Haut-Madrac – Haut-Médoc 2010, a splendid wine introduced by the Brand Ambassador, Mario Appiani Junior. The chosen cigars for this occasion were Condega Serie F Mini Titan, Magnum 52, Pirámides and Arsenio Edición Especial.

While the guests were trying this cigar-wine pairing, Aitor Zapata explained how cigars, like the fine wine, are complex and full of variety. His speech referred to the consistent and perfect smoking experience that Condega Cigars brings thanks to its exceptional quality controls and meticulously handcrafted in all processes: planting, harvesting, curing, fermenting, aging and rolling. Condega cigars’ high quality and their affordable price have positioned the brand between the most demanded cigars in the Jordanian market.


All cigar lovers in Jordan can buy Condega Cigars online through Al-Ibtikar (online shop) with same day deliveries. It is also possible to find Condega Cigars in tobacco shops among the country, as well as in the Duty Free Stores at Queen Alia International Airport (both in arrivals and departures), restaurants like La Capitale, SIRR, Romero, District Urban Rooftop, and major hotels throughout Amman (such as The Four Seasons, Rotana…). Furthermore, Condega Cigars will be soon available in local market Duty Free Shops & other major hotels.

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