Condega Serie ‘S’: Sophisticated and Flavourful

Condega Serie ‘S’ Boxes


The most premium line of Condega, Condega Serie S, welcomes 2018 with a new presentation in cedar wooden boxes that include ten cigars in aluminium tubes, each one with a sheet of cedar inside for the burning. On one hand, the tubes have been designed in elegant golden, black tones, for reproducing the profile of the cigar rings; on the other hand, the boxes are dressed in a sophisticated matte black finish and are marked with the logo of Condega in red and gold. What’s more, the soft touch of the cedar wood of the box joins the interior velvet, also in black, so that the resulting set is warm and pleasant. The Condega Serie S formats available in this new presentation of boxes of 10 are Short Robusto (4 × 52), Robusto (5 × 52) and Magnum 52 (6 × 52).

With just nine months since the Serie S jumped into the Spanish market, it is now a must-smoke cigar for all smokers all along the country. In fact, is one of the most demanded line for tobacconists, and this new presentation will, for sure, boost the brand to the top of the most desired cigars.

One of the reasons for the success of the Condega Series S lies in the evolution experienced by the flavour during smoking: nuances of cedar, spices and pepper on the first third of the smoke. Then, a sweet touch of cinnamon and plums appears and surprises the palate in the second third. At the end, notes of cedar and cherry, spices and dark chocolate jump into the experience.

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