Condega seduces Europe

Condega in Scandinavia


Just four months after Condega started the internationalization process out of the Spanish market, the future seems more than promising. Condega Cigars, the top seller Nicaraguan brand in Spain, in succeeding in many countries with an old tradition for premium cigars

In just a few months, Gesinta’s international sales team has managed to sign distribution agreements with seven European countries: Estonia, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Latvia and Greece. Now, most European smokers will enjoy Condega Cigars due to the agreements made with experienced and successful cigar distributors in this countries.

From now on, European Condega lovers will have the chance to buy their favourite cigars locally as if they bought them from one of Spain’s multiple tobacco shops.

If Spain is Europe’s entrance door for most Central American and Caribean brands, Germany is the biggest importer, and one of the first markets to introduce Condega Cigars due to three main reasons: quality, confidence and competitiveness. The final endorsement came from our partner’s decision to set up Condega blind tastings, without rings or cigar information. Its flavour and, above all, its quality-price ratio was very much appreciated by costumers.

Condega Cigars first reception in Europe is just the beginning, meaning that we have to keep moving forward, so next year, all European smokers can enjoy this wonderful brand in their countries.

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