Condega Cigars is very proud of being in the Austrian market by the hand of House of Smoke, one of the most prestigious tobacco distribution companies in the European country. Its founder and president, Rainer Gunz, has been supporting Condega since the beginning of our international expansion started in 2017, and there is no doubt that the sales result of the cigar in Austria reflects the excellent reception not only among tobacconists, but also aficionados.

Furthermore, Condega brand is avaliable at one of the biggest Austrian Cigar Lounge owned by the recognised tobacconist Ercan Hazar, the one that appears in the picture above between Robert Jelinek (House of Smoke) and Agustin Misson (Condega Cigars).

That’s one of the reasons for visiting our partner in Vienna last week for a cigar tour around one of Europe’s most beautiful capital cities. The other one and more important, as our Brand Ambassador, Agustin Misson, says is that «Rainer and his team are excellent people and so professional that always give us an exquisite treatment».

During the visit to various cigar stores and cigar lounges – in Austria they are few and very exclusive – Misson could ascertain the magnificent growing of Condega Cigars in the market, and that our brand keeps on rising in popularity for both Condega lines that are established in the country (Condega Serie F and Condega Serie S, including the brand-new vitola Condega Serie S Half Corona), as well as with the other brands managed by Gesinta Invest Company: Umnum Nicaragua and Kraken (Lunáticos, Míticos and Fanáticos).

Condega is present nowadays in most of Austrian tobacco shops. As you can see in the pictures, this time we visited Mrs Nancy Friedenthal’s shop, and meet her daughter Ingrid (in the picture below this lines with Agustin Misson). This Austrian family runs a beautiful cigar store located in one of the most important Viena’s train stations.

And we also meet Erich Matzinger, a well knowed tobacconist (below this lines with Agustin Misson) with a long history of engagement with the premium cigar lovers and the world of tobacco.


Looking ahead, Condega Cigars is developing a new agenda for 2020 in order to visit more Austrian cigar stores where we know the brand is very well positioned. In our plans, we are envisaging to celebrate a Condega’s event in Viena with aficionados. If you want to be the first to know the details, you can now subscribe to our Newsletter. Stay tuned and don’t miss all news on the web and social networks!

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