Condega Cigars and Bodegas Valduero: The Art of Pairing


Once again the Nicaraguan cigar brand Condega celebrates the art of pairing with the exquisite wines of Bodegas Valduero (Spanish winery) on a visit to its facilities in Gumiel del Mercado (Burgos). The winners of the last Condega’s raffle have enjoyed an oenological tour and taken delight in a journey through a surprising labyrinth of tunnels excavated more than 20 metres underground, where more than 4,000 oak barrels and a million bottles of one of the best Spanish wines are stored. In addition, this great band walked side by side with some of the best specialist journalists in premium tobacco and gastronomy; and with Pepe Palacios, CEO of Condega Cigars.

The itinerary through Bodegas Valduero had an outstanding stop in the place dedicated to storing the customized wine barrels for the members of its exclusive Membresía La Tenada, which also includes Condega Cigars, sharing space with VIP’s; among them, the Former Queen Doña Sofía; tenor opera singer Plácido Domingo; Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa; and Martín Berasategui, the most awarded Michelin stars Spanish chef, as an honorary member.

The event also included a typical Castilian meal, consisting of soup, suckling lamb and desserts typical of the area; a tasting of the wines Valduero Crianza 2015, García Viadero 2018, Valduero Reserva 2012, Valduero 1 Cepa 2015, Valduero Reserva Premium 6 years 2010, Finca Azaya Premium 2012 and Valduero Gran Reserva 2009; and a tasting of Condega Cigars that have triumphed in Spain and on the rest of the world: Condega Serie S Momotombo (limited edition), Condega Serie F Robusto, Condega Serie F Mini Titan and Condega Serie F Arsenio Edición Limitada.

We already know that wine and tobacco share a large number of technical and cultural similarities, from their growing and processes (fermentation, ageing) to their tasting, and how both try to print their own personality. Each product borns with a singular intensity, balance and flavour to satisfy the most refined palates and they also will be rated worldwide by the best sommeliers. For wine, the coupage and variety of grapes used has a decisive influence, as well as for the quality of the premium cigar, the seed varieties chosen and the characteristics of the soil where the tobacco grows have great power.

Valduero’s wines are ranked among the best in the world and have received numerous national and international awards (including those from the prestigious Decanter magazine, which is published in 90 countries around the world and considered a must in the wine sector). Their pairing with Condega Cigars, the best-selling Nicaraguan cigar brand in Spain and the revelation brand in the European and Middle Eastern markets during 2018, offers the aficionados the best of both cultures, achieving a perfect balance between the organoleptic properties of both.

The guests surrender with everything they ate, drunk and smoked. The magic of the marriage between Condega Cigars and Valduero wines brought out the best sensations of the diners, who summed up their experience in one word: spectacular.


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